Artist Biography

A multi-award winner, Yukiharu Furuno, inspired by his passion and love for ceramics, began his career right after graduating from university. His "ceramic glaze" collection represents the calmness and beauty of the sky, ocean and depths of the earth.

Yukiharu Furuno studied bookkeeping, abacus, and business administration at university. As soon as he graduated, he decided to become a ceramicist. His career started with experimenting with various kinds of ash glazing and continued to do so for forty years. Twenty years ago his wife passed away suddenly and ever since then, he has changed his style of glazing to blue. The blue color resonates with heaven, where his wife now is, but also with the abyss, the endless sky, and the galaxy.

His works will be featured at the Post-Wabi exhibition. Click here for event details.

In 2019, the Emperor of Japan gifted a large vase created by Yukiharu Furuno to the first state guest from the United States.

In 2019, the Emperor of Japan gifted a large vase created by Yukiharu Furuno to the first state guest from the United States.

Works by Yukiharu Furuno

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  • 碧黄釉扁壺 (Blue and Yellow Glaze. Flower-shaped Vase)


    "Like energy from the ground helping bloom flowers, this uniquely shaped vase stands vertically to confront the sky".

    Year of Production: 2016.

    Dimensions: 34.5×35×50

    Product code: ART031

  • 碧黄釉扁壺 (Blue and Yellow Glaze. Bi-colour Vase)


    "Gradation of color represents a pattern that can be found in the desert of a clean lake, the profound beauty in nature".

    Year of Production: 2016.

    Dimensions: 27.5×31.5×38

    Product code: ART032

  • 碧黄釉花器 (Blue and Yellow Glaze. (Ikebana) Kaki container)


    "A strip forms a loop, which can frame the space within the loop while illustrating inside / outside the loop, which sets a question of how the flower will confront it".

    Year of Production: 2015

    Dimensions: 25.5×18×19

    Product code: ART033

  • おた福豆灰釉瓢形瓶 (Broad Bean Ash Glaze. Gourd)

    "Broad bean is called Otafuku in Japanese. Otafuku means a girl with a round cheek which brings a lot of happiness. Ingredients of the glazing (Otafuku bean) + shape are communicating with each other".

    Year of Production: 2001

    Dimensions: 16.5×16.5×20

    Product code: ART034

  • 金彩釉壺 (Gold Glaze. Pot)


    "Just like a metallic mineral discovered in geology, it has a wild golden texture with a natural opening leading to the abyss".

    Year of Production: 2016.

    Dimensions: 17.5×17.5×16

    Product code: ART035

  • 碧蒼釉瓶 (Blue Glaze. Bottle)


    "Blue sky, or clean ocean, there is pure blue with an accumulated color".

    Year of Production: 2016

    Dimensions: 20×20×25.5

    Product code: ART036

  • 瑠蒼釉耳付瓶 (Blue Glaze. Jar)

    "A dynamic wave of blue resembling the flow of current, or cosmic wave".

    Year of Production: 2016.

    Dimensions: 15×15×23

    Product code: ART037

  • 瑠蒼釉花入 (Blue Glaze. Tulip-shaped Vase)


    "Tulip confronts the sky while seducing man for its charm and beauty".

    Year of Production: 2016

    Dimensions: 8.5×8.5×29

    Product code: ART038

  • 辰砂釉花入 (Cinnabar Glaze. Vase)


    "Alchemists from the east were attracted to cinnabar as an ingredient for making immortal medicine".

    Year of Production: 2016

    Dimensions: 13.5×13.5×24

    Product code: ART039

  • 瑠蒼釉盤 (Blue Glaze. Galaxy)


    "Movement of interstellar is ruled by gravitational force which distorts space-time. From ancient times mankind attempted to understand this hidden order behind".

    Year of Production: 2016

    Dimensions: 51×51×4

    Product code: ART040

  • 辰砂釉瓶 (Cinnabar Glaze. Bottle)


    "Deep gradation of cinnabar, its movement resembling the movement of mercury which can be extracted from cinnabar. "

    Year of Production: 2016

    Dimensions: 19×19×33

    Product code: ART041

  • Blue Glaze. Plate


    Product code: ART042

  • Blue Glaze. Vase


    Product code: ART043

  • Blue Glaze. Rusoya Bin I

    Year of Production: 2018

    Product code: ART045

  • Blue Glaze. Rusoya Bin II

    Year of Production: 2018

    Product code: ART046

  • Gold Glaze. Kinsaiyu Tubo


    Product code: ART047

  • 金彩釉瓶 (Gold Glaze. Vase)


    Deep under the ground, minerals are still waiting to be discovered keeping its reflection.

    Product code: ART048

  • V大豆灰釉瓶 (Yellow Glaze. Vase)


    "Just like how juicy agricultural products grow under the rich sun, water and soil, the vase shows substantial form with natural color."

    Product code: ART049

  • 碧蒼釉瓢形瓶 (Blue Glaze. Gourd)

    Gourd believes in bringing good luck while keeping away evils. Helps to preserve content for a long time.

    Product code: ART050

  • 辰砂釉鉢 (Red Glaze. Plate)


    "Ancient Chinese dreams of immortality derive from mysterious mercury, which brings profound and deep red."
    Product code: ART051


Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition (27 times)
Japan Traditional Art Crafts Kinki Exhibition (42
1985  Superintendent's Award, Kyoto Prefecture Board of Education
2011  The First Prize
Chuunichi International Ceramic Art Crafts
Exhibition (8 times)
Selected for 1979 Italy Faenza Art Crafts Exhibition
Biennale (3 times)
1999  The Golden Palm             
2011  The Incentive Award
of Kobe Biennale
Japan Ceramic Art Crafts Exhibition (5 times)
Osaka Prefecture Crafts Exhibition (42 times)

1975    KUROIWA Award
1983    Osaka governor's Award
1991    Incentive Award
1998    Osaka governor's Award
2000    IKKEI Award
2012   Osaka governor's Award

Solo Exhibitions

Misukoshi: Nihonbashi (8 times), Osaka (5 times), Fukuoka Iwataya, Sapporo, Nagoya, Hiroshima

Takashimaya: Osaka (6 times)Kamakura Kurotatouen
Osaka Bijutsu Club
Kobe Foreign country Club
JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan (2 times)
Brazil: Brasilia
Kintetu Abeno Harukas
Singapore: Goshen Art Gallery
India: New Delhi India Habitant Center, International Ceramic Art Crafts Exhibition
Shanghai International Expo
Chion-in Japanese order Gallery

Post-Wabi Exhibition in collaboration with Takanao Todo at Japan Creative Centre, Singapore (2023)