Rediscovering Traditions 

Japan has a long-standing history of artistry and elaborate craftsmanship. MasterCraft by Michi & Co. was founded to introduce these traditions in a new light and incorporate Japanese crafts into modern living. We have been fortunate to develop personal relationships with the local artisans and businesses to bring you a curated collection of Japanese crafts. 

Green Tea

Our green tea is sourced directly from local tea farmers across Japan's premiere growing regions, including Shizuoka and Kyoto. Founded with the desire to connect local tea farmers to consumers, MasterCraft hopes to convey the intricate process of tea cultivation to produce high-quality tea leaves enriched with flavour and complexity when brewed. We hope to share the pleasures and goodness of tea with you.


Tea Ware

Just as there are various types of tea, there are different tea ware available to prepare and enjoy your drink. At MasterCraft, we have curated a selection of handmade tea ware by Japanese artisans that would enhance your tea experience. The hand made nature of the tea ware highlights the unique character and details of each piece. We hope you discover your unique style and taste to enjoy tea.


Decorative Items

Our collection of handmade works showcases the knowledge and skills honed by Japanese artisans. We have curated a selection of works with an appreciation of the craftsmanship and story behind each piece in mind. We believe these works feature design elements inspired by centuries of traditions with a contemporary touch to complement the modern lifestyle. At MasterCraft, we want our collection to inspire and enrich moments in your life.