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Experimenting with various material and techniques, Takanao Todo specializes in making Japanese tea items and sake items. In 2016 he held a ceramic exhibition “FLOWER X POTTERY” at Japan Creative Center (Singapore) in collaboration with Japanese flower artist DAN TAKEDA. His flower vase became permanent collection at Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth Singapore. At the following year 2017, he held another exhibition at the Japan Creative Center (Singapore) "Circle of Life" in collaboration with Singaporean artist JUSTINE LEE. In 2019 and 2020, he hold a summer workshop "CERAMIC EXPERIMENTATION" (2019)and "CIRCULAR ECONOMY" (2020) in collaboration with SCG at INDA with students to engage with the latest digital technology to challenge design and function of ceramics using recycled material. Recently, he is integrating ceramic making with architecture through Chulalongkorn University Reserach grant to develop a performative ceramic cladding and ceramic pavilion at the historical pottery village called Muangkhun in Chiang Mai.

Works by Takanao Todo

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  • "Galactic Gas" (Black Raku Chawan)

    Black Raku Chawan has multifaceted body made with surface trimming. Overall tea bowl is a lightweight work. There is an elegant raku reflection pattern in exterior.

    Product code: ART001

  • "Stroke" (Pink Raku Chawan)

    Pink Raku Chawan with a standard round bowl shape. There is a single stroke in the face giving a clear gesture of frontage.

    Product code: ART002

  • "Mountain" (Black Cylinder Raku Chawan)

    Black Cylinder Raku Chawan to be used during wintertime. It has a very low base to make a shadow gap. Face is trimmed to create rough texture.

    Product code: ART003

  • "Curtain" (Black Cylinder Raku Chawan)

    Thin Black Cylinder Shape Raku Chawan for winter use.

    Product code: ART004

  • "Orange Dendrobatidae" (Orange Cylinder Raku Chawan)

    Orange Cylinder Raku Chawan for winter use. The colour pattern is inspired by the Dendrobatidae pattern.

    Product code: ART005

  • "Blue Dendrobatidae" (Blue Raku Chawan)

    Blue Raku Chawan inspired by the Dendrobatidae pattern with the unique distorted shape.

    Product code: ART006

  • "Bingsu" (2 Tone Raku Chawan)

    2 Tone coloured Raku Chawan with slightly different formal design on upper and lower part just like Bingsu.

    Product code: ART007

  • "Chupa Chups" (2 Tone Raku Chawan)

    Round shaped 2 tone Raku Chawan inspired by the colour scheme of the Chupa Chups designed to fit well with hands.

    Product code: ART008

  • "Lollipop" (2 Tone Raku Chawan)

    Oribe Shape bowl with 2 tone colours inspired by the lollipop colour.

    Product code: ART009

  • "Eye" (White Raku Chawan)

    Exterior of the tea bowl has a finger marks. It helps to show a wildness of raku firing and clay.

    Product code: ART010

  • "Ukraine" (2 Tone Raku Chawan)

    Oribe shape with the 2-tone colour to resemble national flag of Ukraine for peace.

    Product code: ART011

  • "Sky" (Indigo Blue Cylinder Chawan)

    Seto cylinder shape for winter use with deep blue glazing. It also has an extremely shallow legs with elegant proportion.

    Product code: ART012

  • "Sexy Oribe" (2 Tone Raku Chawan)

    Uniquely sculpted tea bowl inspired by Goshomaru tea bowl. The colour intended to represent sexy curves of human body.

    Product code: ART013

  • "De Kooning" (Multi-colour Cylinder Raku Chawan)

    Cylinder shaped Raku Tea bowl for winter use with 3 colours to create an image of the contemporary art like action painting by Willem de Kooning.

    Product code: ART014

  • "Winter Mountain" (White Raku Chawan)

    Shino tea bowl with thick rim and deep groove line on its face.

    Product code: ART015

  • "LGMs" (2 Tone Flat Raku Chawan)

    The form of the tea bowl is suitable for summer use. 2 tones from lime and blue resembling to the Little Green Ones from Toy Stories.

    Product code: ART016

  • "Orange Dendrobatidae II" (Orange Raku Chawan)

    Sequel to the Dendrobatidae inspired tea bowl. It has a rich yellow and black colour organizing deep contrast.

    Product code: ART017

  • "Cosmic Gas" (Black Raku Chawan)

    Black raku tea bowl made in a standard form.

    Product code: ART018

  • "Night Rain" (Black Raku Chawan)

    Koestu style bowl with Small thin and rough textured tea. bowl which fits well with human ergonomics.

    Product code: ART019

  • "Worm Hole" (Black Raku Chawan)

    Large tea bowl with rough texture.

    Product code: ART020

  • "Sunset" (Pink Raku Chawan)

    Simple yet distorted main ceramic body coated in pink.

    Product code: ART021

  • "Nebula" (Galaxtic Sake Cup and Stand)

    Sake cup made as a set with a sake cup and sake cup container. There is a unique pattern appear in the bottom of the sake cup resembling to the galactic gas pattern.

    Product code: ART022

  • Raku Sake Cups

    From Left to Right: Blue, Pink, Purple, 2 Tones

    Small sake cups to enhance your sake experience

    Product codes: ART023 (Blue), ART024 (Pink), ART025 (Purple), ART026 (2 Tone),

  • 3D Ceramic Print Incense Container

    9 segmented incense container. It is produced by the new ceramic robot printing machine to follow the basic genetry. Number 9 is a lucky number in Thailand.

    Product code: ART027

  • 3D Print Pressed Hexagonal Plate

    A golden plate made with 3D printed pressing. The pattern is generated by the parametric design tool to generate uniquely arranged hexagons.

    Product code: ART028

  • 3D Print Mould Bowl

    Bowl made with 3D printed prototype, which casted with porcelain clay. There are 9 segments to follow Thai lucky number.

    Product code: ART029

  • 3D Print Tea Container

    3D printed tea container made with PLA. The groove line produced from the printing makes unique reflection. There are 9 segments to follow Thai lucky number.

    Product code: ART030

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“Prism Pavilion“ Keikankaiha (Honarable mention), Japan, 2005

Alvin Boyarsky Scholarship, UK, 2007

“Remember Valencia“ Short Movie Japan (Best 20), Japan, 2008

“My dyslexic life“ Selected by School library commitee, Japan, 2012

“Brutal“ Singapore Short Story (Jury Choice), Singapore, 2015

“Pavilion @ ECO world“, 1st prize, Singapore, 2016

“Logrono Pavilion“ 1st Prize, Spain, 2017

“Logrono Pavilion“ DP design award (Design of the year), Singapore, 2017

“Prism Pavilion“ DP inspiration award (honarable mention), Singapore, 2017

“Logrono Pavilion“London Design Award (silver meldal), UK, 2017

“Beach Parasol“, Paphos, 2017

“Singapore Pavilion @ Dubai EXPO 2020“, 2nd Prize, Dubai, 2018

“Yokohama Street Furniture Competition“, Winner, Yokohama, 2020


Ceramic exhibition, Tokyo, 2015

Flower X Pottery ceramic exhibition, Singapore, 2016

Circlue of Life ceramic exhibition, Singapore, 2017

Ceramic Experimentation, Bangkok, 2019

DEX exhibition @ Samyan Co Op, Bangkok, 2020

DEX exhibition @ TCDC, Bangkok, 2020

SCG circular economy @ SCG EX, Bangkok, 2020

INDA Parade Exhibition @ Bangkok, 2021Post-Wabi @ JCC, Singapore, 2023

Upcoming: Post-Wabi @ JCC, Singapore, 2023