Yamagata, Where Heritage Meets Nature

Specially curated by our travel specialists, every itinerary can be customised to your needs and interests. Through our personal relationships with the local communities and businesses, we provide authentic, one-of-a-kind experiences found exclusively in the locality.

Here is a snapshot of our most popular winter voyage 2022, Yamagata Prefecture.

Whether it is a weekend gate-away or a 2-week vacation, be sure to create fond memories with Michi & Co.

You’re about to be transported to a magical world Japan has to offer, the Yamagata Prefecture.

Home to the sacred Three Mountains of Dewa: Mount Haguro, Mount Gassan and Mount Yudono, Yamagata offers a graceful view of Japan’s wonderous nature and rich heritage.

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Day 1: Turn Back Time in Ginzan Onsen

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A secluded hot-spring town tucked away in the mountains of Yamagata Prefecture, Ginzan Onsen was originally built around a silver mine. The greatest charm Ginzan Onsen is the well-preserved old architectures the line up the town.

Go back in time and experience Japan in the olden days. 

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While at Ginzan Onsen, don't forget to learn more about Kokeshi doll. Kokeshi doll can be traced back in the early 1800s. It originated in Tohoku area that comprises 6 prefectures, including the Yamagata Prefecture. They are carefully carved and hand-painted by the finest craftsman. What’s special about Ginzan Onsen’s Kokeshi doll is the kokeshi birth doll. Conceived by the local artisan of, Mamoru Izu, kokeshi birth doll is carefully created at the birth height and weight of a baby – making it a very special reminder for parents as the child grows older. These dolls have also been gifted to the royal families of Japan.

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Day 2: Recharge and Replenish

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Stay in one of our wooden cabins for an authentic countryside experience. When the sun is high, pick up the snowshoe gears and explore the surrounding nature. Dream vacation isn’t complete without moments of wellness. Say yes to enjoying sauna in a yurt in the middle of the Gassan snow land. Children can play to the fullest by riding snow banana boat and tube sliding. Won’t you say it’s a win-win for all?

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Day 3: Find Inner Peace

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Haguroyama Pagoda was designated as a national treasure in 1966. It was rebuilt in the 12th century after its first  construction in around the year 931 and 938. The wooden structure stands at almost 30 meters high, among the thousand-year old cedar trees.

Hike your way through the thick snow that covers the whole forest. It is luscious green during summer time, but turns into a land of enchanting silver world in winter.

Note: hike radius is limited during heavy snowfall

(Credit: ANA Cool Japan)

Spend the remaining day enjoying the area through locality. Visit the bustling seafood market and taste the freshness of Japan’s sea produce. Stop by the area of Sankyo Warehouse where the striking black paneled buildings and the silvery snowy footpath come together to create a monochromatic setting. This part of the city is quintessential in reserving the nation’s most prized staple: rice. Continue your journey by hopping onto the warm and cozy boat where meal will be prepared. Cruise leisurely through the Mogami river and be astound by the surrounding beauty this land has to offer.

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Recommended Additional Activities

Peculiar Snow Figures of Zao

A natural phenomenon that only occurs when The strong winds deposits heavy snow onto the pine trees and the cold wind freezes the snow, creating ice monsters silhouette called Juhyo.

To enjoy the full aerial scenery, just hop onto the cable car that will take you to the summit. You can also skied or boarded through these magical creatures. Don’t forget to bundle up because temperature can go as low as -200 C.

Note: February is the best time to see these monsters coming out to play

(Credit: Tokyo Street View – Japan The Beautiful)

Meat Lovers Gather

Yamagata Prefecture sits among the top 6 of best wagyu producing areas. Buttery, juicy and impossibly tender! What about a market-to-table experience? Choose from a wide selection of top-grade Yamagata wagyu directly from the market stall and bring them to a designated grilling area nearby. Pick out some seasonal side dishes, craft beers and even sake to pair with your meal. Enjoy heaven on earth. Can you hear the sizzle already?

(Credit: The Hidden Japan)

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